Does Scout Out always take me to a new bar?

Yes. In most urban areas, there are literally hundreds of bars. Until you’ve been to every single bar in your area, we’ll always point you to a new one to try out.

How is the bar selected for me?

Your mystery bar is selected based on your search filters and the ratings of the bars in your area. Scout Out will take you to a new bar every time until you've visited every single one in your area.

Can I pick the type of bar I go to?

Yes, kinda. You can set the bar filters to whatever you're in the mood for. But remember, you'll only be revealed the name of the bar once you arrive.

Do I get directions that take me to the bar?

Scout Out has two different modes of navigation: a map and a directional arrow. Both modes will get you there, but neither will provide turn-by-turn directions. You get to make your own adventure and discover a mystery bar!

What happens if I don’t like the first bar that I find?

Simply downvote it when you arrive, and we’ll take to the next closest bar.

Is it free?

Yep! And it will always be.

Will I have fun?

Most definitely! Unless of course you're a dull person that doesn't have a sense of curiosity, adventure and wanderlust. If that's the case, perhaps you should just stay in and binge watch Netflix again. Everyone else: let's explore!